About us

Therina Groenewald

Therina finished her studies  at Open Window School of Fine Art in 1994.

She specializes in travel, people, product and fine art photography.  Her photographs will often place the viewer in the scene and give them a feeling of “wish I was there” She is very good at using natural light to enhance the emotion or feeling of the scene.   “I love taking pictures because it is a way to forever capture the emotion I felt when I took the picture and I hope to share that emotion with the viewer.”

Therina is experienced, multi-skilled and a versatile photographer with over 10 years experience shooting genres from science, corporate, events, lifestyle, weddings, stock, products for eCommerce, fine art and collectibles.

ProSelect-images online photographic art gallery


ProSelect images is an unique online photographic art gallery specializing in photographic art work.  ProSelect Images was the brainchild of Therina Groenewald.

As a stock and corporate photographer, looking for a more creative outlet without any limitations she started to take pictures for herself.  After building up an extensive portfolio she decided she would like to do something with the images. Since they were taken with an artistic flare, the images were not suitable for stock libraries and out of this frustration ProSelect Images was born – a place where professional photographers can sell their artistic images.

She found the same frustration among her colleagues and started to incorporate their work as well.

Today, we offer affordable photographic art for sale from the nation’s most talented professional, mid-career and emerging Photographers.

Our expert panel carefully selects each artist and piece we exhibit so that you can purchase your artwork with confidence. Various sizes available on high quality photo paper or canvas.


ProSelect-images Gallery features the creative visions of selected photographic artists.

ProSelect images Photographic Art Gallery is creating an Internet  photo art marketplace where potential buyers and talented artists can conduct business.  We provide a large, diverse, easy-to-access, growing portfolio of quality photographic artists and photo art, making ProSelect images an important destination for individuals and professionals seeking to purchase photo art for their homes, businesses or art collections.

Because the photo art community is a cottage industry, it is difficult for art buyers to find all but the most popular artists. Likewise, photo artists find it difficult to connect with interested buyers. That is where ProSelect images can help. ProSelect images is constantly adding artists offering a highly diverse set of photo art. We seek out undiscovered talent and established photo artists alike.

To fully understand who we are and how we can help, you must view our art.  You have the option of viewing all our art by specific locations, subjects or type of photography.  Enlarged images are just a click away and those of interest can be placed in your shopping cart for later purchase through our automate checkout process.  We even offer a money-back guarantee to take the risk out of buying.

Start browsing our newest pieces now and buy your own original artwork.