Marethe Grobler

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Marethe Grobler – Professional photographer

They say photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. Marethe Grobler took her first photograph 15 years ago, capturing her new-born daughter’s earliest months of life. Since then her images speak this language without words with a focus on connecting with that essence deep beyond the surface.

Marethe specializes in portraiture, shooting children especially, but also lends her craft to nature stills often finding herself belly-down on dewy veld grass, in solitude with her Creator, capturing sunrises or sunsets. She doesn’t believe in the term photogenic; every person has beauty within them and it’s her job to bring it into focus, and then bring it out into the world. Her tools are rampant imagination, a love of natural light and, of course, her beloved 85mm f1.8.

“I don’t shoot what it looks like. I shoot what it feels like.” Marethe is a photographer that has that rare gift of infusing the holistic into her work. No words. No contriving. Just love.