Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers in Pretoria East. We work countrywide on request.

By using a journalistic style we capture real moments that reflect true love and happiness .

Please take note: We don’t photograph ‘marriages’ that are a contradiction of biblical truth.

Marriage is the union between a man and a woman, instituted and ordained by God.

Why should you hire a professional wedding photographer

  • They have experience.  Weddings are really it’s own beast when it comes to photography.  It isn’t a studio session where you have time to adjust and try different things.  Weddings are living, breathing, dynamic events with people and surprises.  And it’s a one time only event which means there are no do-overs.
  • They have knowledge.  In addition to experience, a professional wedding photographer also has knowledge.  Lighting is a huge factor in how your photos will turn out.  It’s also in my opinion, very technical.  So, understanding the different types of lighting and how to use it or adjust for it is important.  And a professional will have that knowledge. They also understand composition and angles.
  • They have pro tools. Professionals have professional tools.  And professional tools are always going to be better than anything you or your friend uses. Your professional wedding photographer will have a good quality camera (or cameras), multiple lenses for different kinds of shots and lighting equipment.  All of their gear helps to create those awesome photos. In addition to the equipment, they also have the software tools needed to do all the post-processing. 

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