11 April 2019

Real Estate photography Airbnb Plus

Airbnb Plus Meero shoot | ProSelect-images
Real estate shoot for Meero Airbnb Plus

Meero’s machine learning algorithms allow for accelerated delivery, high scalability and standardized quality, helping companies sell more with inspiring realistic photographs. Meero uses this technology to offer their services through a network of international photographers in over one hundred countries to big players such as Airbnb, Just Eat, Expedia, Trivago, Uber.

I am happy to say that I am one of those photographers in the international network.  With another successful Airbnb Plus shoot behind me – I am ready for a weekend out on my mountain bike! 

Thank you to a very friendly host at Peaceful self-catering. I really enjoyed my shoot – indeed a very peaceful place.

It is a charming self-catering flat in Die Wilgers Pretoria.

Our flat is a charming modern decorated self-catering unit located in quiet suburb of Die Wilgers Pretoria East. Child friendly environment. A home away from home.” Annemarie

Portrait – Dr Tanya van Wyk
Senior Lecturer (Spirituality, Systematic Theology and Ethics)

5 Februray 2019

Over the years many things have changed.  The road underneath the Human Science building is long gone.  The campus is now surrounded by security fences.  Only an OTP gives you access as visitor. 

Dr Tanya van Wyk | ProSelect-images
Dr Tanya van Wyk Senior Lecturer (Spirituality, Systematic Theology and Ethics)

But one thing is still the same:  Lack of parking!

I manoeuvred my blue Honda over a curb, where there are a few poles, flattened by previously desperate ‘parking-seekers’.  

Like a heavy overloaded truck, on its way to Zimbabwe for Christmas season, I made my way right over to campus – to the other side – where I had to take the photo.

With the camera bag on my back, studio light bag over my shoulder, stand bag in the one hand and the soft box, awkwardly pinched in the other hand, I stumbled under the weight through  the alien invasion, called students.

The soft box must have looked like some radar trying to pick up signal from mars.  But while there were only aliens around me, I did not get any weird looks, like in normal society.

The office was small.  The client was nervous!

She needs a portrait photo for an article in a newspaper. 

In less than an hour, I walked out of the office.  The nervous client was now smiling from ear to ear.  I even got a hug!

Photography is not just a job for me.  It is not just about the money in my pocket.  Yes, I have to live, but moments like these, is what really makes me do photography.  In an hours’ time, you can make a difference in someone’s life!

Reality check!  I still had to make it all the way back to my car. 

But I survived and is available for your portrait photography and business profile shots.

Portrait Photography for South African Weather Service.

16 January 2019

Who wants to do Portrait Photography for South African Weather Service? Sometimes the weather prediction is dark and gloomy. Or even worse – dry and hot.

Dr. Tsakani Ngomane

What will these people be like behind those predictions? Chances are good – dark and gloomy!

As I stumbled through the door with all my heavy equipment: Yes, on one of those dry and hot days, I was welcomed by a cool, pleasant breeze. No, that was not their good aircon system, but the friendly receptionist behind the desk.

That was exactly the experience I had for the rest of the day. From the cleaner right through to the board members I had to photograph.

So, if you have one of your ‘under-the-weather’ days again, please don’t blame the South African Weather Service. Instead, pour yourself a good cup of coffee and wait for the thunderstorm!

Professional Interior Photography Training

10 January 2019

Dark Chocolate Superior Guest House Coffee station
Coffee counter @ Dark Chocolate Superior Guest House

As our aim is to give you, the client, the best quality service, we do training from time to time to sharpen and better our skills.

We know how important it is for you to stand out above your competitors. As Proselect-images, we want to make sure that our photo’s take you a step closer to that.

Recently I did premium real estate photography training with Meero. Peter from Dark Chocolate Superior Guest House, opened his house for me to do my practical. What a lovely place?

I felt welcome from the moment I walked into the door. The guesthouse is situated in Pretoria East. The beautiful gardens, friendly dogs and lovely pool, make you feel right at home.

I passed my training and now have a contract with Meero. So, feel free to book me through them if you are part of Airbnb, Expedia, Trivago, Just Eat or Uber.

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