Cyathea Brownii TG-C394/A244


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Cyathea  Brownii tree fern

Therina Groenewald: Cyathea  Brownii tree fern – professional photographer

Norfolk Tree Fern

Cyathia brownii tree fern – There is a primeval elegance and simplicity about the  tree ferns. In the bush, there are oceans of them in shaded gullies. They look remarkably gentle and fragile, but really they’re amongst the toughest survivors. They immediately give an exotic feel to any garden situation.

A very robust, beautiful species of tree fern which is probably the largest form in its native environment. The fronds can reach up to 6 metres long on a woody looking trunk. Though from a frost-free natural habitat, tree ferns have proved to be suited to Gauteng environment if planted in protected areas.


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