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Isolated Windpump TG-H62/D30




Isolated windpump Malmesbury

Therina Groenewald: Isolated windpump Malmesbury – professional photographer.

The way a wind pump works has not changed for hundreds of years. The wind causes the turbine rotor to rotate, which turns a crank, which converts the rotation into the vertical up-and-down movement of a transmission rod.

The rod raises and lowers a piston in a pump comprising a cylinder and two valves.

During the down stroke the cylinder fills with water, and during the up stroke the piston raises the water in the cylinder and riser, taking the water to wherever you want it.

A windpump is a type of windmill which is used for pumping water. Windpumps were used to pump water since at least the 9th century in what is now Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. The use of wind pumps became widespread across the Muslim world and later spread to China and India. Wikipedia

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