Kaapsehoop old jail TG-F28/A240


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Kaapsehoop old jail

Therina Groenewald: Kaapsehoop old jail – Professional photography

Sleepy little village

Horseback trails, hiking and bird watching make Kaapsehoop sound busy, but it’s a sleepy little village where you can just kick back and chill. There is no doubt that people who live here have chosen to do so. Kaapsehoop might be famous for the wild horses but it’s worth taking the time to chat to the locals. “I used to earn money but now I am rich,” says Kim Dias whose brightly coloured glass mobiles hang outside his workshop, De-Liteful Glass Works.

With his gentle smile and ‘lots of time’ attitude he epitomises Kaapsehoop. Originally a technician from Pretoria he chose to come and live here where he makes stained glass windows, lamps and jewellery. His cat purrs contentedly on the workshop bench and if Kim could purr I am sure he would too.

Soul Creations

Mary Ross and her mother, Rita Gouws, of Soul Creations are gold- and silversmiths who work out of a small workshop in their home. They have a strong belief in the properties of the stones they work with and happily spend ages helping me choose a special piece for a friend, ensuring we incorporate her birthstone. It could have been the strong cup of coffee, but I swear I could feel the vibrations from the surrounding crystals and stones as Mary and Rita wave me goodbye.

Gold commisioner’s house and old jail

Don’t expect Disney and a tour guide with a flag. The history and mystery is here but it’s for you to discover. The Gold Commissioner’s house has been restored but the old jail is crumbling and overgrown next door. An old claim notice lies discarded on a corner and who knows if the coco pan on the side of the road is an original. Amazing rock formations are scattered everywhere and you might not discover your own ancient calendar, but it’s a good place to let your imagination run riot.

History and mystery in Kaapsehoop: Sue Adams

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