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Red Dao tribe Vietnam TG-E34/A250


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Red Dao tribe Vietnam

Therina Groenewald: Red Dao Vietnam – Professional photographer

Red Dao tribe Vietnam – pronounced Red Yao or Red Zao, is the second largest ethnic minority in Sapa district. They are also called ‘Jungle People.

Their unique belief system holds elements of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Furthermore, Dao people worship their great ancestor Ban Vuong as their Holy Man.

For an illustration of their peculiar customs, when selecting a place for a family house, they dig a hole and fill it with rice. The rice represents family members and all their possessions. If the rice is still in the bowl the next morning, they build the house at the same place.

Red Dao society in Vietnam is a patriarchal with dominant men roll in the family. Red Dao women shave their heads and eyebrows. They wear a distinctive red triangular shaped turban, decorated with silver coins and red tassels. A square piece on there clothing symbolizes they are children of God.


Yao call themselves Mian or Mien, which means “people.” Yao is a Chinese expression that means “dog” or “savage.” They have traditionally lived in the mountains ad engaged in farming and forestry and have been involved in the opium trade and are regarded as one of most advanced hill tribes.


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