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Riverside Hoi An Vietnam

Therina Groenewald: Riverside Hoi An Vietnam – Professional photographer

Thu Bon River

From the 16th to the 18th centuries, Hoi An attracted international traders.  It is located on the banks of Thu Bon River, conveniently flowing into the East China Sea.

The merchants chose to stop here to wait for the right wind directions for their next destinations. Among them were traders from China, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Portugal and India.

Old town

Of all the streets in the Old Town, the one that runs east-west to the river’s edge is the liveliest. The traditional buildings and shops have welcomed foreign merchants since the days when the town was known as Hai Pho (Seaside Town).

Nowadays it no longer greets foreign traders but tourists and travelers. However, the seemingly untouched architecture in Hoi An’s Riverside and Old Town was built only about 200 years ago.  It is made up of a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and colonial styles. Those who wish to see older buildings will have to go further inland where they can find, for example, a 15th century pagoda.

Hoi An Riverside attractions

The Riverside is the main landmark of Hoi An. It is where both traditional and modern boats drop their anchors.  And it is where local housewives go every morning to shop at the wet market. The whole town is reintroducing the use of gorgeous and colourful hand-crafted lanterns and on special nights of the month, hundreds of them hang on verandas and windows as they did over 300 years ago. Welcome to Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s prettiest destinations.

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