Steepside Rhodes TG-C357




Sunset Steepside Barkley East

Therina Groenewald: Sunset Steepside Barkley East – professional photographer.

Sunset Steepside Barkley East – A deciduous tree growing up to 16m high which suckers freely with white or grey bark with horizontal lines that becomes rough and darker with age. Buds and young twigs are thickly white and woolly. The dark green leaves are shiny above and white or grey and woolly beneath. Greenish-yellow catkins appear in spring. It invades river banks, vleis and dongas.

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A3 Stretched canvas, A2 Stretched canvas, A1 Stretched canvas, A0 Stretched canvas, A3 Loose canvas, A2 Loose canvas, A1 Loose canvas, A0 Loose canvas


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