Therina Groenewald

I grew up on a farm in the Orange Free State. I have spend a lot of time on my own in the veld, always observing the finest detail around me. My desire was to capture this beauty.

When not through art, I did it with a camera. (Back then with a little ‘mik-en-druk).

While I was busy with my degree at UP, I also did my diploma at Open Window. I finished my studies  at Open Window School of Fine Art in 1994.

Since then I have travelled and worked all over the world – always having a camera close at hand. My favorite photography is macro-photography: still capturing the details around me. That is my hobby.

But to earn a living I specialize in real estate, corporate, product and fine art photography.  The love overflows in my work.

I have more than 14 years of experience in the corporate world.

Therina has an extensive field of experience:

Her images have been published in magazines and other publications all over the world

To mention just a few:

  • 180 Days of Social Studies for Sixth Grade: Practice, Assess, Diagnose
  • A beginner’s guide to wine in South Africa – Intrepid Travel
  • Recycling today magazine – January 2019 Scrap Metals Supplement
  • Construction and Demolition recycling
  • The Science Explorer – November 30, 2016
  • Science Daily – Your source for the latest research news
  • BEKA Feuerfest
  • AZO Cleantech South Africa: Environmental Issues, Policies and Clean Technology
  • Transfer Das Steinbeis Magazin
  • Vacation idea – Dream Vacation magazine
  • Hauptsache Kohle | www.pocketstory.com
  • The World Bank Group: Unlocking the potential of lesotho’s Private Sector: A Focus on Apparel, horticulture, and I
  • Mathematics – Cambridge University Press – Cover image
  • Robert Corrieri Technologies
  • Mother Earth News – The original guide to living wisely
  • NetNature
  • DUAL-A Sources iconographiques – Lernen – Lehren – Helfen – LMU
  • European Innovation Partnershipon Raw Materials
  • en’Vie Le magazine de Bischwiller
  • Safety Solutions Oct/Nov 2015
  • Brainstorm Magazine – The business technology magazine
  • CEO Magazine
  • CNBCAfrica: Climate explained: how much of climate change is natural? How much is man-made?
  • GoSouth: How much of climate change is natural? How much is man-made?
  • Field Guide to the Weather: Ryan Henning
  • Disruptive Asia – Blockchain – Booming in Retail
  • Chemical Watch: Risk assessment at heart of EU-ToxRisk project
  • ISFO Industrial Firing and Furnace Systems
  • Labor Dr. Merk
  • Vet Times

Therina also has images for sale on the following stock sites:

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