Science and Technology Photography

Science and Technology Photography

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Communicating Research through Photos 

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Too often, taking photos of one’s research is an afterthought 

Photography is something that we put off until we have a need for the images, such as for a presentation. At such a late juncture, the only option may be to search online for appropriate images. Photos of science, particularly of one’s research discipline, however, can be difficult to locate, even on stock sites.

Imagine instead a scenario in which you already have all of the photos that you need for a presentation, lab, web site or print publication.

Beyond providing an ample supply of images for your research products, photographing science is the simplest way to communicate your research. “Humans are visual creatures: We relate to images,” said Alex Wild.

Research photography can also have a positive impact on the public perception of science. “Scientists need to communicate more, especially about the implications of their work. At times, the public lacks appreciation for science because of its complexity. Photography can help researchers to demystify science.”