Print sizes

ProSelect-images cannot guarantee that the final size will be exactly the size requested. Some images differ from the normal sizes.


Payment Questions

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: We use PayFast as our payment gateway. PayFast accepts credit cards, instant EFT and PayFast vouchers. Alternatively, you may also do an EFT payment into our bank account, just ask us for those details.


Canvas Questions

Q: What kind of wood do you use for your frames?
A: We use 30mm Super Wood for the frame and a 3mm backing. It’s a very hard wood to ensure that no warping takes place.


Q: What canvas do you use?
A: We only use the best quality canvas around. We have found that Picasso satin canvas is the best. It is archivable for up to 50 years and gives a great satin finish. It is water resistant and allows very long lasting prints with solvent or eco-solvent inks. Due to the excellent light stability and waterfastness, no additional finishing is needed.


Q: How deep is the canvas away from the wall?
A: We use a 30mm frame and 3mm backing board, so the total depth from the wall is 33mm.


Wallpaper Questions

Q: Where can I apply my wallpaper?

A: Wallpaper can be applied to most smooth interior surfaces, such as walls, cupboard doors and ceilings. We do not recommend bathrooms or kitchens because steam/moisture is not conducive for a wallpapered wall.

Q: If the wallpaper is faulty what is your returns policy?
A: We guarantee the printing of the wallpaper and the application of it if one of our preferred installers are used. However, if you use your own installer or do it yourself, we no longer offer any guarantee.

Q: If I am applying the wallpaper myself, what paste do I use?

A: Please see our DIY guide for assistance.

Q: I’ve never hung wallpaper before, can I get some advice?
A: Please see our DIY guide for assistance.

Q: I don’t want to hang the wallpaper myself, do you know a professional installer?
A: Yes, we have recommended installers. Please contact us for more details.

All wallpaper orders are subject to a quotation. Country-wide installation on request. Please send us an e-mail using our contact page.

There is one of two options with regards to the process of ordering your wallpaper.

Option 1

If your wall is a straight forward wall (no doors, arches or windows – in other words a plain square or rectangular wall) then you can order online by filling in your exact measurements and uploading your image. We will add a 25mm bleed for installation purposes (so make sure you give us exact measurements). Either you can install it yourself or you can use one of our professional installers for an additional fee from R95m² and R450 call out (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town. Additional traveling costs outside these areas). We will not take responsibility for the installation if you decide to DIY, however we guarantee our work if you use one of our preferred installers. Should you wish to do it yourself, we have a Few tips preparing your wall and installing the wallpaper.

Option 2

If your wall is not exactly “plain and simple” then you cannot order online but rather give us a call and one of our very experienced wallpaper installers will come to your premises and measure up your wall and give you a quote for the job. They will advise you on everything you wish to know. There is a call out fee for this. We recommend that an installer comes out to you first as this will ensure that all measurements are perfect and wall preparation is taken into account so that the final product is of exceptional standard.