Contributors and each artwork on the website is vetted by ProSelect Images’ panel of curators, headed by our gallery director Therina Groenewald. 

We’re proud to work closely with South Africa’s most talented photographic artists. Our roster includes professional photographers specializing in a range of different genres, like fashion, travel, people etc.  We also include works by hobby photographers with an exceptional eye for an extraordinary image.

We believe that beauty should be celebrated and this is our way of bringing beauty to you.

Therina Groenewald

Therina specializes in travel and people photography.  Her photographs will often place the viewer in the scene and give them a feeling of “wish I was there.” She is very good at using natural light to enhance the emotion or feeling of the scene.   “I love taking pictures because it is a way to forever capture the emotion I felt when I took the picture and I hope to share that emotion with the viewer.”

Jean Naude

Jean is a nature lover and an avid hobby photographer.  As CEO of Groot Constantia Wine Estate, he finds himself surrounded with the most beautiful landscapes  and it has become a challenge for him to capture the beauty that surrounds him every day.  You need to be patient to get the perfect shot; it’s like making wine – it takes time and a lot of practice. He has mastered the skill.

Derek Puffett

Derek Puffett.

Derek is the  Executive Leader, Regional Director for Africa, Ellel Ministries. He has a passion for nature and photography. When out-of-the-office, that’s where you will find him: Close to nature with his camera.