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Advance Call Mobile Studio Business Headshots

Business Headshots Advance Call

Business Headshots Advance Call – I walked into Advance Call’s office before 7 the morning.  The shoot starts at 8 and I always make sure that I am well in time for a shoot.  You never know what you get, but they were well prepared and the conference room was cleared for me to set up my mobile studio.

Unique contact centre solutions

Since its inception in 2001, Advance Call has specialised in the conceptualisation, development, implementation and operation of unique Contact Centre solutions for various customers.

Advance Call has diversified to offer a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing solutions and has contributed to improve the lives of its customers significantly by providing excellent solutions for service delivery through interactive customer Contact Centres.

The company takes pride in its motto ‘Customer Experience | Advanced’.

Market Leader

Advance Call has established itself as a market leader by offering innovative solutions and exceptional service.

Wide range of specialised services

They offer a wide range of specialised services, all aimed at ensuring that customer queries are attended to and solved expeditiously.

It even includes an ETHICS & FRAUD HOTLINE. The Ethics & Fraud Hotline is available 24/7 and provides employees, customers, suppliers, service providers and other interested parties with various channels of communication where they can blow the whistle on fraud, corruption, theft, misconduct or unethical behaviour.

All allegations reported to the Ethics & Fraud Hotline are escalated to a relevant contact person/s.  In some cases, the Ethics & Fraud Hotline first conducts a preliminary investigation before the allegation is reported.

A confidential report, which summarises all allegations received by the Ethics & Fraud Hotline for a period, is provided on a monthly and annual basis.

For more of their services, visit their site @ Advance Call Services