Unexpected destinations

Protea flower and slangbos - product photographer pretoria gauteng

Photography is a journey to unexpected destinations

I woke up with the smell of fynbos all around me. For a moment I was back in the Cederberg, with it’s majestic rock formations and beautifull fynbos.

The rumbling of the city traffic shook me back to reality. The reality of Gauteng with it’s noise and polluted air.

I had to do a shoot for The Body Corp – ”
Our products are inspired by our unique country and it’s rainbow nation, as well as the indigenous flora we can find all around us. ” The Body Corp

A bucket full of proteas and other flowers was delivered to me, for this purpose. For the next three days I enjoyed a little bit of the cape again – right here at my house with my faithfull camera in hand.

Photography is a journey to unexpected destinations! The journey never ends.

Lure of the Protea

Where silver rocks reflect the mountain streams,
The Protea holds aloft its stately head –
Majestic flower to prompt the thoughts of men,
According to their nature and their dreaming.

To some it seems a giant artichoke,
While others link it to the ancient god
for whom tis named – 

King Protea SA National flower | ProSelect-images
Proteas get their name from the Greek sea god Proteus

The ruby glow and allied silky beard
evoke the mystery of primeval days;
A traveller, who ranges far from home,
will quicken at its sight and yearn
And envy sugarbirds,
that dip into the gleaming cup,
while swaying gently in the wind.

Sima Eliovson