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Open Window School of Visual Communication graduation

Event photographer Open Window graduation

Recently I had the opportunity to work with DCPieters Photography as an event photographer at the Open Window school of Visual Communication graduation.  It is now 25 years since I finished my studies at Open Window.  As an event photographer, you are sometimes taken down memory lane.  I suppose that I was one of the first students.  At that time, Open Window was at Elsabe’s house.  I remember how I cycled from Tuks (where I was still busy with my BA degree) to Garsfontein for class.  In 25 years it grew to what it is today…

I never attended my own graduation.  Life happened very fast for me after ’94. By the time of my #graduation ceremony, I was already ‘out in the field’ and traveling the roads of the Western Cape.

I could have never imagined that 25 years down the line, I would be a event photographer at other students graduating at Open Window.

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Open Window strives to create the necessary pathways for this generation to advance with confidence into this digitally driven era of exponential technological and creative growth.

The Open Window VISUAL COMMUNICATION programme, is a progressive platform for learners to explore the disciplines of Communication Design, Photography and Illustration.

A photographer is a storyteller

A photographer is a storyteller, communicating through still images. Photography combines technical skill with a deep appreciation for observation, to express not only what you see, but how you interpret what you see, and the way you want others to experience the photograph.

The course involves creative problem solving, and encourages an appreciation for visual communication in order to express a distinct perspective through the photographic image.