Professional Portrait Photography for SAWS

Professional Portrait Photography for SAWS.

Who wants to do Professional Portrait Photography for SAWS? Sometimes the weather prediction is dark and gloomy. Or even worse – dry and hot.

What will these people be like behind those predictions? Chances are good – dark and gloomy!

As I stumbled through the door with all my heavy equipment: Yes, on one of those dry and hot days, I was welcomed by a cool, pleasant breeze. No, that was not their good aircon system, but the friendly receptionist behind the desk.

That was exactly the experience I had for the rest of the day. From the cleaner right through to the board members I had to photograph.

So, if you have one of your ‘under-the-weather’ days again, please don’t blame the South African Weather Service. Instead, pour yourself a good cup of coffee and wait for the thunderstorm!