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Professional profile photo for Director Finance and Procurement QCTO

I had a opportunity to take a professional profile photo for one of the directors of the Quality Councel for Trades and Occupation. (QCTO).

Mr Gumbochuma’s friendly PA directed me to his office on the second floor. As he was still in a meeting, there was a few minutes to spare. That gave me some time to plan the shots. I just started to put up the studio lights when he entered.

As he entered his office, he looked quite surprised. I suppose that he expected a camera and flash. I hope that the result explained to him the need for all the equipment.

Occupational Qualifications Development

The development of occupational standards and qualifications is one of the QCTO’s main priorities in supporting learning for the workplace.

In accordance with the bill of rights, every citizen has the right to choose their trade, occupation or profession freely. The QCTO’s role is to ensure that there are occupational qualifications that respond to skills development priorities of the country.

The QCTO manages the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework ,which is one of the three integrated sub-frameworks of the National Qualifications Framework. South African Qualification Authority registers occupational qualifications on the OQSF as recommended by the QCTO.

The availability of registered occupational qualifications facilitates skills development that supports labour market needs and developmental state initiatives.