Poplars and Blue Skye TG-C355




Blue skye poplars Steepside

Therina Groenewald: Blue skye poplars Steepside – professional photographer.

Blue skye poplars Steepside – Poplars are rapid-growing but relatively short-lived trees. They are widely distributed throughout the northern temperate regions, ranging from North America through Eurasia and northern Africa. The leaves are alternate and oval or heart-shaped in outline, with finely to coarsely toothed margins (leaf edges). The leaves characteristically tremble in the breeze, because of their flat petioles (leaf stalks).

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A3 Stretched canvas, A2 Stretched canvas, A1 Stretched canvas, A0 Stretched canvas, A3 Loose canvas, A2 Loose canvas, A1 Loose canvas, A0 Loose canvas


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