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TWK agri directors profiles

twk agri directors profiles

TWK agri directors profiles – a remarkable company understanding the importance of professional profiles images.

History of TWK

Fifty-two members of the Piet Retief Wattle Growers and Timber Association, met with the aim of registering their association as a co-operative in June 1940. It was registered on 21 June 1940 as the Transvaal Wattle growers Co-operative Agricultural Company Limited.

The primary goal of the co-operative was to promote the marketing of the timber and bark of its members. Although this was a top priority throughout the years, the board of directors soon realised this should not be their only responsibility. Provision should also be made to supply the necessary production materials to its members.

During the 42nd Annual General Meeting in 1982, the name was changed to the Transvaal Wattle Growers Co-operative Limited, abbreviated to TWK.

​Remarkable company

TWK has progressed over the years and developed into a remarkable company, providing its members and the community with various products and services to supply all their needs.

As a remarkable company in all spheres of operation, they understand the importance of professional profile images of their directors.

The Importance Of A Good Corporate Headshot

The following is an article by Adam Jacobs Former Forbes Councils Member

In this article, he explores the reasons why corporate headshot photography should be your next business move.

Corporate headshots can build trust among clients.

Every successful business professional knows that the customers ought to come first. Always. Building a healthy, growing client base is difficult but far from impossible. 

Smiling pictures are an easy way to make clients comfortable with your business in seconds. When someone browses your website and sees a cheerful employee, it can create a positive connection in their mind. This same empathy is directly related to the first impression idea that I touched on earlier. 

In her article about first impressions, Stephanie Burns emphasizes that you don’t get a lot of time to prove yourself. With the new age of social media, people are finding products online now more than ever. This means that your first impression is no longer when the client steps through the door. If they’ve been on your social media or website, it happens well before you meet face to face. 

Clean headshots show your clients who they’re supporting when they choose you over the competition. It puts a smiling face to the company name. 

I understand firsthand the kind of impression that a quality headshot makes. At my company, we even pay for professional headshots when we represent someone, showing additional attention to detail.

Corporate headshots can reinforce values. 

If a client is attaching your face to the company’s name, the picture they look at should show your core values. For example, employee selfies on your About Us page come across as unprofessional. Another rookie mistake is cropping a family photo only to feature the employee. They might look beautiful, but the business can look cheap. 

You could have the most clean-cut, polished website, but it won’t matter. Clients now associate your business with a selfie of Amanda and Bobby together at Taco Bell. While these kinds of “casual” photos are relatable, you don’t want to confuse the client. 

Yes, it’s important to highlight the human side of your company. But you can do that and maintain an aura of professionalism. Casual corporate headshots are acceptable and may even be the better option, depending on your line of work. 

Clients want passion and expertise to radiate off the screen as they explore your website. None of those things jumps out when they see a picture of you and half of Aunt Carol’s arm at Thanksgiving in 2007. 

In her article, Jessica Wong, the founder of a marketing agency, touched on how important photographs are and went so far as to include them in the top three ways to create a successful website. Take it from me and others: Go the extra mile, and take your headshots in a real business photography studio. 

Corporate headshots should reflect well on you.

As a businessperson, you might say that your simplest job description is to sell a product or service. After all, isn’t that what pays the bills? My years of experience in the marketing industry have taught me otherwise. At the end of the day, what you’re actually doing is selling yourself to the client.

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect new apartment that meets your needs and you can’t wait to sign the lease. However, when you go in to sign, the leasing agent is late and filthy drunk. Would you even have time to reconsider signing the lease before scrambling for your car keys to get out of there? Probably not. In that scenario, the boss was a very poor representation of an otherwise ideal company. 

In the same way, having poor headshots (or none at all) can seem quite lazy. Spending a little extra money to get things done right can benefit every single aspect of your company. When you truly care, clients notice.