Real Estate Photographer Tshwane

Real Estate photographer Tshwane: Capturing a property with a view on Tom Jenkins Drive. Tom Jenkins: The mountain pass with many faces. Tom Jenkins Drive (photographer unknown) The mountain pass is not just all about properties with amazing views. There is so much more to it! The … Continue reading

Greatest South African artists

Greatest South African artists: Irma Stern and Danie de Jager The next Bernardi Auctioneers auction is coming up this weekend. As official photographer for them, I had the previlige to photograph the work of two of the greatest South African artists: Irma Stern and Danie de Jager. They are … Continue reading

EMENDY graduation

Event Photography at EMENDY's graduation I enjoyed every moment of event photography at EMENDY's graduation. A Fresh Approach They incorporate a "Fresh Approach" in their teaching methodology which is engaging, enjoyable and aligned with the current industry trends and … Continue reading