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EMENDY graduation

Event photography at EMENDY's graduation photography and mobile studio shoot - Portrait photographer Gauteng Pretoria

Event Photography at EMENDY’s graduation

I enjoyed every moment of event photography at EMENDY’s graduation.

A Fresh Approach

They incorporate a “Fresh Approach” in their teaching methodology which is engaging, enjoyable and aligned with the current industry trends and technologies.

They understand that art and music are creative fields of study; therefore students need to engage practically with these subjects. EMENDY follows a hands-on approach in their lectures, and provide students with as much practical experience as possible.

EMENDY student receiving a degree
EMENDY multimedia institute graduation ceremony

Quality Education

Courses and classes are presented by experts active in the music and media industries. The importance of being instructed by experienced industry specialists is valued, so that their students are exposed to different perspectives and approaches.

EMENDY’S software courses are taught by internationally certified instructors.

Throughout the years they have earned the trust of various studios, companies and media industry specialists. Therefore their students are afforded the opportunity to train with the industry’s most respected names, and make use of state of the art equipment.

Real-world Experience

The importance of being able to get the job done, making correct decisions in specific scenarios and to act promptly and professionally is well known by them.

In order for the students to learn these principles, they expose them to real-world hands-on situations which require the use of a wide range of industry standard equipment and facilities.

A privilege

With this in mind, it was such a privilege to photograph their graduation with Marethe Grobler.  Thank you to Marethe for giving me the opportunity to work with her.  To work and hang out with other photographers, is something I always enjoy.