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Why You Should Hire a Professional Product Photographer

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You are part of a group of people who will take 1.3 billion photos this year. Of those photos, people will use camera phones to take 87% of them.

Of that 87%, how many do you think will end up on the product pages of an entrepreneur’s website?

A small percentage might be good enough to use for marketing. You might even take a few random great shots yourself. But why settle for random?

You shouldn’t.

Instead, consider hiring a professional product photographer.

Here are 9 reasons why:

You’ll Get Professional Quality

You’ve likely run across your fair share of awful product images online. They’re everywhere!

From grainy images to distracting backdrops, poor quality product photos leave a bad impression. And it’s not only a poor impression of the product, but it’s also the entire business.

What attracts customers are clear, high-resolution images. If you showcase your products online, offering compelling images to visitors encourages them to remain on your site longer. Consequently, the longer they look, the more likely you are to convert them to customers.

Professional product photographers earn their reputation by producing top quality photos. The amateur photographer may learn the technical skills but they probably haven’t spent time perfecting them in the same way a professional does.

They use Professional Equipment

A sure sign of a professional photographer is the equipment found in their camera bag.

You won’t find much (if any) low-end consumer equipment. Why? Because for the most part, professional quality photos don’t happen when you use cheap cameras and lenses.

Sure, you’ll find individuals who show off some amazing images taken on cell phones or consumer-grade DSLRs. But they don’t take those images on a consistent basis. And if you took a closer look, you’d likely find at least a few significant flaws.

Equipment matters. Okay, we’ll admit it—equipment doesn’t make a person a professional. But it’s a start and the right equipment combined with the right photographer guarantees excellent quality.

If you don’t believe it, try comparing photos taken on someone’s phone with those taken by a professional using high-quality equipment.

Professionals Shoot Come Rain or Shine

When you hire a professional photographer, their skill set usually means they can shoot quality images under any condition. Do you want your image set against a snowy backdrop or against the night sky?

A professional knows the art of working with camera settings and can deliver top quality images no matter what condition they shoot in.

Professionals understand how lighting and other environmental elements work to enhance products. They also understand the importance of editing.

They’re Skilled in Professional Editing

Have you ever had family pictures done and ordered a disc with all the pictures from the session?

You might not realize it, but most studios don’t edit those images. They simply burn them to the disc and hand it over to you. And while that might work for images you print en masse for your holiday cards, it won’t work for your business products.

If you think about what goes into professional editing, it makes sense that you use a professional.

The basic editing process includes the following adjustments:

 •  Noise reduction
 •  White balance
 •  Contrast
 •  Exposure
 •  Colour adjustments

Advanced editing techniques include portrait corrections, special effects, removing elements from an image, and a variety of other enhancements that make your product stand out on the crowded marketing playground.

Real professionals take pride in their work and their reputation. You may get a disc, but you won’t get a bunch of unedited images.

When Consistency Matters

Do you know how you go to a certain restaurant for lunch and never get the same quality meal twice in a row? Whatever the reason, your lunch is great one day and ho-hum the next.

It’s about consistency, and you probably grumble about it all afternoon.

Your brand demands the same thing: consistent images with a clean, professional look. Professional product photographers work with their customers to ensure they get the same level of quality every time.

Consistency isn’t only about knowing you’ll get amazing results every time.

It’s also about your photographer’s ability to create a consistent look for your brand. Consistent backgrounds, colors, and use of your logo.

Not Everyone Is an Artist

Remember we talked earlier about how 87% of photos this year will be taken on a camera phone? People really have fun with their camera phones and love posting their pictures all over social media.

That’s great, but in most cases, they’re not using an artistic eye when shooting photos.

professional photographers practices, sometimes for years, to master the camera. They’ve learned the rules and broken them. They’ve studied other professional photographers and received feedback on their own work.

They’ve also developed their own unique and artistic style.

You’ll know it when you look at a photo taken by a true artist. It will take your breath away. Even more important is what an artfully done image does for your product.

Professional Photos Set Your Product Apart

The purpose of amazing product images isn’t just about creating another pretty picture.

Professional quality product photos can mean the difference between a visitor staying on your site long enough to buy or moving on to a competitor.

Your product images should look simple yet sleek, or elegant depending on your brand. They should be photographs used in a way that complements the design of your website, or images shot at different angles and directions.

Products are set apart by images that answer your customer’s questions and allow them to get a vision of what it would be like to hold your product in their hands.

You Want to Maximise Your ROI

You could hire your amateur shutterbug friend and pay them in gift cards. Or, you could hire a professional and pay them in dollars.

Certainly, you’re trying to build a quality brand and stay within budget. But the old cliché, it takes money to make money is still true.

Product photos are an essential component of your marketing campaign. They’re also a long-term investment.

If you invest in quality images, you can use them in your portfolio for years. You also won’t be stuck using the same old stock photos your competition uses.

Because They’re a Professional

People who invest in themselves and their profession behave in a certain way when they work in the business world.

Photographers, like most other professionals, operate under a certain code of conduct. If they come to your business, they treat your space with respect. They treat you with respect.

A professional cares about their work and your opinion of it. They care about their reputation within the community.

Working with them makes you feel like WOW!

You’re a professional. It’s natural to want to work with one.