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Airbnb Real Estate Photographer – Oceanview@JBay

As a trained Airbnb Real Estate Photographer, I know the specific requirements and standard of images needed. Real Estate Photography is one of my favourite genres.

When I was asked to photograph Oceanview@JBay, I could not wait to get on the plain!


Oceanview@JBay is a spacious holiday apartment situated in Wavecrest, Jeffreys Bay. It is a 10 minute walk from the popular Kabeljous beach.

It offers comfortable self-catering accommodation for up to 8 guests.   They can enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and breaking waves from all bedrooms and the wooden deck.

Your home away from home! This apartment is beautifully furnished and located on the 2nd floor of a family home with its own private entrance.

Each of the 3 bedrooms opens up onto a shared balcony with sea views.

The large wooden deck has breath-taking sea views to enjoy a peaceful morning cup of coffee. 

In the evenings there is nothing like a South African braai on the deck while listening to the ocean.

Visit their website to make a booking:  Jeffreysbay Holiday

Airbnb Real Estate photographer for Oceanview@JBay

The alarm went off at 3am.  After a very busy week, I still felt as if I need a few more hours of sleep.  But the excitement pulled me out of bed.  I love photography and I love travel.  Combine the two and I am in heaven. 

Port Elizabeth

We had a spectacular view as we came in for the landing in Port Elizabeth.  It was a perfect windless day.  I am heading for Jeffreys Bay where I am going to photograph Oceanview@JBay Airbnb. 

Port Elizabeth from the air

The little Renault Kwid from Woodford Car Rentals proofed itself.  After a quick stop at the Windfarm Ultra City for a pie and a Steri Stumpie, I was ready for the shoot.  The beautiful guest house put you in a mood for holiday the moment you enter the door.  Or I would rather say – the deck! 

But first I had to do what I came for:  Photographing Oceanview@JBay!  When a place is beautiful, even work feels like play.  I really enjoyed the shoot.  And with a friendly and welcoming host like Natasha, I felt right at home.

Billabong and the beach!

I finished the shoot at about 2pm.  It is still the perfect day and the beach was calling.  But Jeffreys is synonym with something else:  Billabong!  The factory shop is just down the road and with a 50% sale on, things could hardly get better.  (That’s what I thought…)

But as I hit the beach, I was surprised by a seal.  It was sitting on the beach.  I approached it slowly, not knowing for sure what it’s going to do.  As I got closer, it made for the sea (as I expected).  But I also expected that I won’t see it again.  This little guy had other plans.  About 20 meters ahead, it made for the beach again.  Just sitting there, watching me.  When I got closer, back into the waves it went.  As I walked, it followed me in the waves – sort of giving me this show!  And every 20 to 30 meters it made it back to the beach.  Watching me, as if to ask:  “How was that?” 

After almost an hours walk I turned back.  So did the seal.  Same thing all the way back, until I had to turn back to the little Kwid. 

A day can hardly become better than that!

A braai on the deck

The evening, I was treated with a braai on the guest house deck.  That was just the stamp of perfection on an amazing day. 

The next morning I left for the airport before daybreak.  The little Kwid battled against the wind and the first drops of rain started to wet the windscreen. 

The end of a perfect weekend!