CEO Magazine Photographer Gauteng

CEO Magazine cover photographer GEMS

CEO Magazine Photographer Gauteng – GEMS – Dr Moloabi

CEO Magazine photographer Gauteng – GEMS Medical Scheme – Dr Stan Moloabi

It is seldom that you get the ideal ‘set-up’

Corporate might sound like something neatly boxed.  For a photographer that works in the corporate world, things might be quite different.  Things can change at the last minute and you have to rush off to be in time for the photo-shoot.  You don’t have an idea what you are going to get.  It is very seldom that you will get the ‘ideal’ set-up.

If you can’t think on your feet and make something out of nothing – you are in the wrong game!

Don’t forget the traffic

And don’t forget the Johannesburg – Pretoria traffic.  At its best on a Friday afternoon, month-end:  And Johannesburg throwing its best thunderstorm at you with at least 4 accidents en route to your shooting location. 

Modern often equals small

The GEMS office is brand new and modern, but often modern also means SMALL.  I had a small (busy) foyer and an also not to big office for the shoot.   But it’s done and I can’t wait for the next publication of the CEO Magazine. 

CEO Communications

CEO Communications (PTY) Ltd is a media company. They entered their eleventh year of existence in June 2011. CEO is the publisher of the monthly business title CEO Magazine. They also have three special editions: Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government, Women in Motion and TITANS – Building Nations.

CEO Magazine is committed to playing a significant role in reflecting the transformation of South African business. In this sense, CEO Magazine is totally inclusive, rather than representing or projecting vested interests.


​​​​​​​​In serving as a platform for the celebration of excellence in organisations and for the transformation of organisations, they provide provocative, interesting and insightful reading.


This has helped CEO Magazine to be built into an excellent publication that has found favour in the marketplace. They are constantly gaining broader recognition for the quality of its content. They make a contribution in in helping its readers understand contemporary business and management challenges.

The readership targets the leadership corps of organisations: Executive Management, Middle Senior Management, Emerging Leaders (Leaders of Tomorrow) and Entrepreneurs. It also reaches organisations in sub-Saharan Africa, Southern African Development Community (SADC), Europe and the United States.

CEO Communications also publishes various titles on behalf of other organisations. Past and current clients include the United Nations, Transnet and the dti.

More recent additions to CEO Communication’s scope has seen the rise of CEO Class, a creative and resourceful events planning division, and CEO’s Custom Publishing Division, which offers a wide variety of products.

GEMS – Goverment Emplyee Medical Scheme

Government Employee Medical Scheme:   GEMS is South Africa’s second largest medical scheme overall.  They have more than 705 000 primary members and 1.8 million beneficiaries. 

It is a closed scheme, restricted to the countries public service employees.  It has grown its membership remarkably since the 2004 launch.

GEMS’s new CEO

Dr Moloabi is the newly appointed CEO.  Dr Moloabi is a dedicated and result driven healthcare executive.  He has achieved great success in implementing board-led healthcare strategies at GEMS and Medfield Medical Scheme.