Stop the bloodshed!

Stop the bloodshed: The cry of South Africa As I walked into Bernardi‚Äôs to set up for the shoot, a pen and ink sketch caught my eye.  Right then there was no time to pay more attention to it.  But that quick glimpse of it awakened emotions in me.  Some art just has that ability … Continue reading

Unexpected destinations

Photography is a journey to unexpected destinations I woke up with the smell of fynbos all around me. For a moment I was back in the Cederberg, with it's majestic rock formations and beautifull fynbos. The rumbling of the city traffic shook me back to reality. The reality of Gauteng … Continue reading

Mandela: The Authorized Portrait

Nelson Mandela Books inscribed by people such as Henry Kissinger, Mandela, and George Bizos were just of the few things I had to photograph for this auction. Teamwork Mandela - was created by a team of award-winning writers, photographers, and researchers in collaboration with … Continue reading

Jaciana foods product shoot

Jaciana Foods Product shoot A Jaciana Foods product shoot always comes with a lot of fun, hard work and a few challenges - as is almost always the case where a shiny bottle is involved in a shoot. I am passionate about my photography. They are passionate about health foods, whether it is … Continue reading