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CEO Magazine cover photographer GEMS

CEO Magazine Photographer Gauteng

Corporate might sound like something neatly boxed. But for a photographer that works in the corporate world, things might be quite different. Things can change at the last minute and you have to rush off to be in time for the photo-shoot. You don’t have an idea what you are going to get. It is […]

Advance Call Mobile Studio Business Headshots

Business headshots with mobile studio for Advance Call. Advance Call has established itself as a market leader by offering innovative solutions and exceptional service.

Minister Tito Mboweni adressing the media at PIC

Private Investment Corporation Business Headshots of the Board members and Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.

PIC Business Headshots It was just after 2am when I woke up.  Not a nice wake-up, but one of those that make you jumps out of bed, soaked from nervous sweat! I dreamed that I was late for my shoot at the Private Investment Corporation.  The dream was so real, that I could not fall […]

Thumbzup business profile shoot

Thumbzup profile pictures

Business profile photography Thumbzup Thumbzup More than just a payment platform Business profile photography – Thumbzup was founded in 2011 with the purpose of making card payments easy for Small and Micro Enterprises. Today Thumbzup has grown to be a market leader in providing enterprise mobility and payment solutions to tier 1 retailers in South […]

Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 2019 lifestyle shoot

Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 2019

Vision – Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa To highlight the positive role of married women in South African society, make a difference in their lives as well as those around them who embrace the values of marriage within all our diverse cultures.

Business headshot Teresa Minnie

Business headshot – Teresa Minnie

Business headshot, portrait or that ‘selfie’ with friends – the ‘lived-in face’ can’t be hidden. We all had been scarred by life somehow or another. As photographer, I aim to capture that beauty – even if it is a business headshot!

QCTO | ProSelect-images

Professional profile photo

Professional profile photo for Director Finance and Procurement QCTO I had a opportunity to take a professional profile photo for one of the directors of the Quality Councel for Trades and Occupation. (QCTO). Mr Gumbochuma’s friendly PA directed me to his office on the second floor. As he was still in a meeting, there was […]